Terms and Conditions for Use of the Service Portal

§ 1 Purpose of the Service Portal

The Service Portal is a portal for PAYONE GmbH customers (hereinafter referred to as PAYONE). PAYONE customers have access to documents and information in electronic form through this portal.

§ 2 Participation in the Service Portal

The use of the Service Portal is available to all PAYONE customers. An existing contractual relationship with PAYONE and registration for the Service Portal are required to use the portal. Customers can apply for registration online. During registration, the contractual partner will confirm the accuracy of the information provided. PAYONE will check the information provided by the contractual partner and will decide upon access permission to the Service Portal. The customer is not entitled to be granted access permission. If PAYONE accepts the registration, the electronic documents will be made available in the Service Portal when the registration has been confirmed.

§ 3 Free use of the Service Portal

No fee is charged for the use of the Service Portal.

§ 4 Charges for paper documents

Paper documents will no longer be posted when electronic documents are provided for free via the Service Portal. If paper documents are required, the fees specified in the price and service list may be charged.

The price and service list is available at www.payone.com.

§ 5 Retroactive provision of documents

A retroactive electronic provision of documents which have been provided as paper documents before registration for the Service Portal is not possible.

§ 6 Availability period

Electronic documents will be made available for online access by the customer for a period of 12 months from the date of their generation. After expiry of the availability period, the customer is entitled to request a copy within the statutory preservation periods.

§ 7 Confidentiality of information

The electronic documents and information transmitted via the Service Portal contain sensitive data. The security measures implemented in the Service Portal are state-of-the-art, in order to protect this information from unauthorised access.

§ 8 Obligations of the user

The customer is also required to handle this information with care, regardless of whether the information has been provided by PAYONE on paper or in electronic form through the Service Portal.

§ 8.1 Safe storage of access data

Registered users of the Service Portal are required to keep their access data secret from third parties.

The following is to be observed in particular:

  • Access data for the Service Portal shall not be passed on to third parties.
  • The joint use of a user login by several users is not permitted.
  • If a user leaves the contractual partner's company, the contractual partner will immediately inform PAYONE of the departed user. Access for this user will then be blocked.
  • The contractual partner shall not send data about non-existent users (dummy users) to PAYONE for registration.
  • The contractual partner undertakes to act in accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act - BDSG - and supplementary privacy regulations and to always protect all data provided.

For increased security, PAYONE recommends observing the security information provided for the Service Portal.

PAYONE reserves the right to block users’ access to the Service Portal if it is not used according to contract.

§ 8.2 Cancellation of Service Portal usage

The Service Portal may be used for an unlimited period of time. Service Portal use will be cancelled upon termination of all contracts with PAYONE or at the customer’s explicit request in writing. No further new documents will be provided by the Service Portal from the time of cancellation. It will still be possible to access documents stored on the Service Portal after the cancellation date. Access to the Service Portal is blocked immediately after cancellation. At the user’s express request, a transition period of up to a month may be agreed, during which the user will still have access to the portal.

A transition to paper documents may be arranged at the customer’s explicit request. The provision of paper documents is regulated in § 4.

§ 8.3 Access to documents

By registering as a Service Portal user, the sending of documents by post shall be minimised. The user promises to regularly check their account for incoming messages and new available documents. Documents and messages are deemed to have been received by the user following three working days after they have been sent by PAYONE. The user is advised that this deemed receipt can be decisive for the beginning of any period of limitation.

§ 9 Main user

Upon initial registration for the Service Portal an access account will be created in the Service Portal for the individual specified in the registration.

§ 10 Support

PAYONE offers hotline support for queries on Monday to Friday from 8.15 am to 6.00 pm, except on German national holidays. PAYONE reserves the right to carry out maintenance work on the Service Portal between 6.00 pm and 8.15 am, which may result in a temporary interruption of availability.

Version: January 2021

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